Lucid – On The Go Sessions

On The GoAs part of the Lucid project, Aqueous Humour is mentoring On The Go, an over 55s drama group in Bolton. Our Artistic Director, Tom Hogan, has been running clowning workshops and sessions developing a wide range of performance skills. He has been a having fun but also challenging time.

The group range in age from 55 to 80 years old. There has been great attendance & wonderful enthusiasm and they seem to be building a strong group dynamic. Tom has particularly enjoyed the ongoing debate about use of language, especially swearing. It has been interesting to hear the range of views across the group and levels of tolerance of bad language.  Tom will also be looking at things they need to do to develop as a company.

We are grateful for support from the Octagon Theatre, Bolton Council & The University of Bolton which has made this project possible.

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