Emotionally Literate – Testing Times

Testing work is difficult, trying to take risks with new ideas and at the same time offer a great experience to the groups. This week and next we will be offering a little more of what we know works and starting testing new ideas in time.

worry designWe have five groups in this programme at the moment, all reacting to the project in a variety of unexpected, excited and mostly energetic ways. Moments where I find myself quietly chanting ‘this is all part of the process’ as we all franticly guide chaos to a calmer moment. Conversation breaks out about race, anger and personal limits and the physical positions in the room tell its own story. The session comes to an end and we all try to count to ten as a group, in a struggle to listen we get to 8 before two voices leave a benchmark to aim for next week.

Other groups create images, excitement and find words that have been inspired by images. We pause, while someone searches for the language to express what they have seen and what it means to them…supportive suggestions are offered…a word is found…it’s “not really what I mean” but good enough for now… and on we go.

To next week, time for some dressing up and reflecting in mirrors….

Didn’t manage to get any images this week so here’s another of the designs. Hopefully dressing up week will help!