Emotionally Literate – Week One

Tom has been starting sessions with the groups involved in the Emotionally Literate project:

draw on mask“Well week one is done! We have met the groups as we get ready to take on a journey of discovery, new to Aqueous Humour, the schools and the young people. We are excited about our concept and the initial signals from the young people, teachers and schools/centres are positive. Teachers and support workers have identified improved levels of engagement with particular individuals. As I write that statement I smile, in anticipation of the challenges that lay ahead over the next nine weeks and beyond.

This week was an important week as everyone gets to know each other and we start to set out our stall. We have learned so much in one week, from the reception we received from all the partners (including the young people). Our learning curve is at an acute angle and so it should be, exciting times.

So to another week I can’t wait, this week we are less nervous and more focused. In saying that I better get back to the planning, this isn’t a Job it’s a Joy.”

Meanwhile, Nerissa has been looking to the future, to how we might develop the masks for manufacture as part of the Emotionally Literate packs. There was a good response to the masks but as we decided as part of the research & development sessions to present them white to allow them input into final colours, we found their first instinct was to colour them using pens. The feedback from the teachers has been that they would really like masks they can paint & decorate as part of the project as well as the professionally finished masks for drama based work. Nerissa has been busy googling various options, emailing & speaking to manufacturing companies and even talking to a product design agency.  Finding a suitable company is proving a challenge. The hunt goes on…



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