Aqueous Humour 2 Day Comedy Course @ The Edge in Chorlton

comedy workshopLearn how to re-invent the world and create comedy performance from a truly spontaneous place.

A comedy performer is free to express without inhibition and has the ability to play with the freedom of a child. Cast off those social inhibitions and open up your funny side by simply by having fun and enjoying yourself.

With high energy exercises in a great group dynamic, the Aqueous Humour team will take you on a journey to the funniest part of you and before you know it you will be as happy as a frog in……………. (insert you own word here)

As adults we don’t get much time to play and explore our silly side. Get your laughing chops around this workshop and throw yourself into a little bit of the ridiculous.

The course is lead by our Artistic Director, Tom Hogan. It is suitable for students, professionals and non-professionals, adults 18+.

There is a £20 discount if you book before the end of May. Enter code: Earlybird11