Bag Shame! – Healthy Relations

Project enquiry

workshop imageThis project was commissioned by Rochdale Youth Service to with the aim of engaging disengaged young men in a drama project to explore positive relationships and emotions.

Group members were supported by the staff and volunteers from Catch 22. The young men engaged on a weekly basis in the three stages of the project. Through a combination of drama techniques, mask and physical performance the group created a story of a young man (Dave) growing up.

DaveBag Shame

Dave was striving to create a relationship with his father who had come out of prison. He desperately wanted to be liked by his friends and part of the gang. But his mum completely undermines his progress by carrying a Netto bag back from the shops. This was a tale of growing up, depicting the challenges, embarrassments and confusions of moving from the “Boy” to the “Man”.

A comedy devised written and performed by the group.

The project engaged 7 young men over an 8 month creating the story of Dave performed to parents, family and friends. The same performance was then performed to 500 people at the Middleton Arena as part of a youth gathering for young people from all over the Borough of Rochdale.

A partnership project with Rochdale Youth Service, Heywood YIP and Catch 22.

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