High Rise – Creative Partnerships

Project enquiry

Created/Performed at Richmond Centre Pupil Referral Unit KS3, Longsight.

High Rise was a Creative Partnerships project. Aqueous Humour Director Tom Hogan with Nerissa Cargill Thompson were engaged to direct a devised installation drama piece to engage pupils around the subject of living independently and general life skills.

A basic outline was created for each episode before the start of the project so that we could prepare a certain amount of the action plus props and costumes in advance. These episdoes then had to be developed between the episodes as the story developed through the interaction of the pupils through post show workshops including hot seating sessions with the characters.These sessions were planned & lead by Kate Goodrich & Tom Hogan.

We had a dedicated space at the PRU. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to be able to spend time turning an unused classroom into a realistic flat for the whole lifespan of the project. The School deemed the project “The single most successful intervention project they ever had at the school”. The project created a buzz around the school that sticks in the minds of staff that are still at the school. It was the legacy of this project that lead to Aqueous Humour becoming Artists in Residence.

The Flat