Proud and Loud Arts (ongoing)

Project enquiry

proud and loud mask workProud and Loud Arts is a charity for delivering performance projects for young adults living with disabilities in Salford – ‘doing it their own way’.

Aqueous Humour provides an artistic mentorship and delivery roles enabling the development of Proud and Loud Arts and its members. We act as artistic and programme development advisors to the board of trustees and manage the direct delivery of arts activities to members. While Proud and Loud Arts is an independent charity with its own aims and objectives and artistic vision, Aqueous Humour director Tom Hogan has been an integral part of its development since being founded in 2000. In this time, Tom has directed several theatre shows and short films for Proud and Loud Arts.

Proud and Loud sessionOur artistic links with Proud and Loud Arts are not in the creative styles of the companies but through the artists we share: designers, film makers, directors, writers and performers.

We delighted that Janet Charlesworth, a senior and founder member of Proud and Loud Arts, is now a member and professional performer with Aqueous Humour. This development in the relationship between the companies is an exciting one and will continue as both companies develop and progress.

To find out more about Proud and Loud Arts & their shows please visit their website.