Risk It? – Sexual Health Project

Project enquiry

This project is available as a fixed programme or bespoke offer to any community group or school. Also see “Emotionally Literate”.

STI showAqueous Humour was commissioned by Rochdale Youth Services to create a project to raise awareness of sexually transmitted infections as part of their Healthy Living programme.

We were asked to:

• Find out the sexual health needs and knowledge base of the youth group.

• Educate the youth group about various sexual health issues, including STI’s, equality, relationships and youth culture.

• Give the group the opportunity to learn new drama and performance skills.

• Enable the group to develop their own performance piece that will be shown at various forthcoming events.

This group from Boarshaw YIP supported by Catch 22 were not used to group work so we spent a number of weeks just chatting playing some games and getting to know them before any drama was introduced. It became apparent the group were a little too under confident to launch straight into performing. It seemed without radical change to the planned programme, this intervention was not going to be appropriate.

After a few discussions and a little bit of persuasion, we extended what was to be a short intervention into a more extensive programme that suited the needs of the group. Bringing in professional performers to support the group in creating a piece of performance and creating a specially commissioned set of masks.

The masks were designed & made by our designer, Nerissa Cargill Thompson. We used bouffant techniques and the masks had a commedia feel with STI symptoms displayed on top. The personality of each mask was created according to the behaviour of the disease in the body.

Follow the success of this project, Salford Youth Service commissioned a similar projects across the city and commissioned its own set of masks for use in their ongoing sexual health training.

Rochdale Council logoFor more details on this project see the full evaluation report.

(Detailed photos of the masks can be found on Nerissa’s own website)