Where Memories Meet Dreams – M6

Project enquiry

M6 Golden FootballersAqueous Humour was commissioned by Rochdale Borough Council to work with the M6 Youth Theatre. The aim was to create a piece of street theatre for the Carnival of Cultures in Rochdale, under the title “Where Memories Meet Dreams”. The group also performed as part of the Streets Ahead parade.

In exploring the theme, the young people were most attracted to the word “dreams”. They wanted to achieve something exciting and reach fantastic personal goals. Being World Cup year, we started to look at winning and losing. We created “The Trophy”, the gold medal ceremony and the exhilaration of being the best.

England hadn’t had the World Cup trophy since 1966 so we explored the idea of the losers trophy, the tried really hard trophy, and the we always expect to win but never do trophy. Yes, it was the trophy for all occasions.

As there were nearly 20 young people involved, we felt the football theme would be good to go with using formations and celebrations as a starting point. We created a team of football trophies dressed in gold.

The teams created new trophies either individually or collectively on various found plinths around the town centre. And as the roar of someone scoring in some match somewhere the statues stood proud and disappointed as someone with their winning ways created someone else who would have to leave winning for another day.

The project was directed by Tom Hogan & designed by Nerissa Cargill Thompson. Aqueous Humour performers, Jenny Riding & Jana Kennedy, assisted with the workshops & led the performers on the day.